Activity Level: Low

Best for Breeds: Basset Hound, Bulldogs, Bull Mastiffs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Chow Chow, French Bulldogs, Great Danes, Pugs, Pekes, Shih Tzu and Hounds

High Protein Content
Turkey is rich in protein and therefore great for building muscles and muscle repair.

Rich in Riboflavin and Phosphorous
Canines gain a lot with a daily intake of food that is rich in riboflavin. The vitamin is responsible for fats and carbohydrates being metabolized into energy. In addition, riboflavin plays a big part in producing the red blood cells that carry oxygen and nutrients around the dog’s body.

Phosphorus supports of healthy kidney function in dogs, which helps flush out any toxins from a dog’s body through its urine. This, in turn, helps a dog maintain the best shape as far as health is concerned.

In addition, phosphorus also aids muscle contractions which in turn help in motor functions, helping a dog’s capacity to exercise and chew, or trailing by your side during your morning runs, and helps dogs maintain normal heart rates.

Low Caloric Content
While rich in protein, turkey is fairly low in fat.