our story

Rocco Treats was born out of love for a loyal companion. Frank Van Der Merwe’s dog, Rocco, had recently passed away after a lifetime of companionship. Rocco loved the air-dried meat snacks that Frank had been creating for adventurous dogs for years. In dedication to his furry friend, Frank decided to start Rocco Treats.

Frank, a fourth-generation meat trader from South Africa, had his first experience with air-dried meat on his uncle Bill’s farm at the age of 10. He and his cousins enjoyed snacking on the meat right off the line and even shared it with the hunting dogs. After moving to the United States, Frank brought this tradition with him and opened a small manufacturing facility to produce air-dried meat snacks for dogs.

When Rocco came into Frank’s life, he quickly became a beloved companion. Frank started making air-dried meat snacks for him as a treat. Rocco loved them so much that Frank started making them for other dogs as well. After Rocco passed away, Frank wanted to create a legacy in honor of his loyal companion. That’s when Rocco Treats was born.

At Rocco Treats, we strive to create the same high-quality air-dried meat snacks that Rocco loved. Our treats are locally sourced and made with the utmost respect for our furry friends. Every treat is made with the same care and attention that Frank gave to Rocco. We believe that every dog deserves a treat that is both delicious and nutritious